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As a Graduate Student in Statistics at Oregon State University, I had taken it upon myself to find an low-cost way by means of a machine learning algorithm with a desire to produce accurate predictions for dinner guest counts on given night for a local restaurant in Corvallis Oregon using actual, historical restaurant data.

The Problem

The burning question on any restaurant management team is this because from it, helps run their store efficiently:

“How many people do you think are coming in tonight?” — Do you think we should really have this many people on staff?

Without a doubt, knowing an…

Free IC as part of our regular tabling at the OSU Club Fair

The first time I learned about Free Intelligent Conversation was at the 2018 BridgeUSA Summit. Attendees spent a lot of time discussing the powerful emotions (and occasional hostilities) associated with controversial issues on many college campuses. We all agreed it is necessary to find a way of introducing friendly dialogue, in order to produce constructive discourse.

Now, at first, I thought Free Intelligent Conversation was a bit far-fetched. Standing around with a huge sign seemed a bit obnoxious and exaggerated. But after talking it over with the officers in our club, we ended up seeing it as a great marketing…

Greetings! I am a student at Oregon State pursuing Communication and Statistics. I love data analytics, some good conversations and brewing beer

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